Tamarind Seed Gum


Tamarind Seed Gumwith the Highest Quality

Tamarind seed gum is a multifunctional ingredient obtained from the seeds of Tamarindus Indica L.

Tamarindus Indica L. is evergreen tree distributed in the subtropical and tropical area. The name of “Tamarind” is familiar with people because its fruit is essential to traditional cuisine in India and Southeast Asia processing into pastes, sauces, beverages and so on.

The seeds are rich in neutral polysaccharide called xyloglucan. We succeeded in separating and refining the polysaccharide in 1964 for the first time in the world under the brand name “GLYLOID®”. Since then, our tamarind seed gum has been used as a multifunctional thickener or stabilizer for food, cosmetics and personal care products for more than 50 years. In 2021, a new brand TAMAVISCO® has been launched to meet global demands in a cosmetics sector.

Now not only food manufacturers but cosmetics manufactures keep moving toward to “Clean-label” Plant-derived tamarind seed gum is an ingredient that has positive customer perceptions and delivers unique values in the current movement.

Basic functions of Tamarind Seed Gum

  • Stable viscosity with Newtonian fluid
  • Clean label emulsion stability
  • Non sticky, preferable texture like starch
  • Unique gelling property in the existence of sugars, alcohols or polyols