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New Idea of Clean Label

Even if you have never heard of “GLYLOID®” or “tamarind seed gum”, a plant name of “tamarind” is familiar to many of you. GLYLOID® is a hydrocolloid derived from seeds of tamarind tree.

How does GLYLOID® function in food and beverage? As a basic thickener and stabilizer, GLYLOID® provides viscosity without causing any unpleasant mouthfeel, and helps you achieve expected rheological properties and stability of final products.

GLYLOID® is also newly known as a hydrocolloid of natural origin which fits to recent big trend of “clean label”. You can replace unwelcome synthetic ingredients with GLYLOID® while maintaining original sensory profiles.

In the fast-growing market of plant-based food, GLYLOID® is a functional stabilizer having natural perception. It makes your plant-based products more attractive in terms of quality and taste.

Let’s take a new clean-label approach with GLYLOID®.


GLYLOID® can provide advantages and function in food application.

Clean-label ingredient

  • LBG replacement
  • PGA replacement
  • XG replacement
  • Mono-/di- glyceride replacement

Sensory properties

  • Non-sticky texture
  • Newtonian fluid


  • Thickening – Newtonian fluid, Moderate viscosity
  • Stabilizing – Emulsification, Fine ice crystal,
  • Texturizing – Natural mouthfeel, Improving richness
  • Gelling – Unique texture with Sugar, Alcohol and Polyphenol
  • Syneresis control – Excellent water binding without chalkiness

Types of GLYLOID®

Product Solubility Property
GLYLOID®2A Hot water soluble Standard type for applications with heating process.
Needs to be heated over 80c for 15 min at least.
GLYLOID®3S Cold water soluble Cold water soluble type for applications without heating process
Glyate® Cold water soluble Low viscosity type

All types are available in Non-GMO and Kosher products.

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