Message from the Company

We are committed to being a company that continually serves consumers by creating and providing new value in a wide range of areas from food ingredients to chemical raw materials.

On April 1, 2023, we launched new activities as a member of the Medipal Group. With the desire to realize a world where everyone can lead both a physically and mentally healthy life, our mission is to continuously deliver valuable products and merchandise as a company that is useful to society by leveraging our research and development abilities, commitment to quality, and information provision and communication abilities.
We hope to help you by discovering unmet needs that have yet to be recognized or resolved in society, finding solutions for them together with you, and delivering products and merchandise and technical information.
Our slogan has also evolved from Your Helping Hand to Creating Helping Hands, and we are determined to continue to precisely grasp the needs of society and to safely and stably supply required products and merchandise that are of high quality.
Thank you for your continued support.

Hidemitsu WakitaPresident and Chief Executive Officer