Social Networking Guidelines

MP Gokyo Food & Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, MP Gokyo Food & Chemical) will observe the following guidelines (hereinafter, these Guidelines) in participating in social networking and the management of this official account (hereinafter, this Account), and make efforts to ensure its proper operation and management. All people who use and view this Account (hereinafter, Users) must agree to these Guidelines.

MP Gokyo Food & Chemical’s official social media account


1.Compliance with terms of use and these Guidelines

All Users must comply with terms of use of the individual companies operating social networking services (hereinafter, SNS) as well as these Guidelines. With the use of this Account for the purposes of submitting, posting, and sharing content and all other activities, including simply browsing content, Users are deemed to have agreed to these Guidelines.


  • This Account is managed by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical does not guarantee a response to all postings or comments from Users in this Account. Product and other inquiries should be directed to the respective sections indicated on the “Contact Us” page of our website.


  • The information in this Account is current as of the time that it was posted. While MP Gokyo Food & Chemical takes the greatest care in providing information in this Account, we do not guarantee its accuracy, completeness, usefulness, timeliness, safety, or reliability.
  • Any information posted by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical or its employees via social media does not always represent an official statement or opinion of MP Gokyo Food & Chemical. For official statements and opinions of MP Gokyo Food & Chemical, please see our website, news releases and other disclosures.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical is not liable for any damage suffered by Users or third parties through the use of this Account by Users or due to it not being available for use.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical accepts no responsibility for content (comments, photographs, videos, etc.) posted by Users.
  • The content posted by Users is merely an expression of their personal impressions, opinions and thoughts; it does not reflect the opinions or thoughts of MP Gokyo Food & Chemical, its employees or other stakeholders.
  • By posting content, Users declare and guarantee that posted content does not infringe the rights of third parties and that they hold all rights and authority for it. Accordingly, MP Gokyo Food & Chemical is not liable for any infringement of rights.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical accepts no responsibility for problems or disputes relating to this Account that may arise between Users or between Users and third parties.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical is not liable for any damage caused by third parties impersonating MP Gokyo Food & Chemical.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical accepts no responsibility for damage suffered by Users or third parties due to changes to or suspension, interruption or withdrawal of social media services by SNS operating companies.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical may, without prior notice to Users, completely or partly close this Account or add to, change, suspend, or withdraw the services provided in it. We will not be liable for any damages suffered by Users or third parties as a result.

4.Cautions in the use of this Account

  • When Users register as followers of this Account, they are considered to have consented to access from this Account to publicly available information in their accounts and profiles.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical reserves the right to take necessary measures, such as procedures to delete postings and blocking access to this Account, without prior notification to Users.

5.Prohibited Activities

When using this Account, the following behaviors (including attempts to solicit such behaviors and activities in preparation for such behaviors, hereinafter, “Prohibited Activities”) are prohibited. When Users carry out such Prohibited Activities, MP Gokyo Food & Chemical may, without prior notice, delete or block postings or report them in certain cases. In addition to forbidding the use of this Account, we may take measures necessary for eliminating the impact of such Prohibited Activities. Furthermore, legal action, including demands for compensation for any damage suffered, may be taken against Users engaging in Prohibited Activities.
Users must not:

  • Impersonate third parties, including MP Gokyo Food & Chemical
  • Identify, disclose or leak third party personal information
  • Infringe the rights or assets, damage or slander the reputation or credibility of MP Gokyo Food & Chemical or third parties
  • Engage in political activities, election activities, religious activities or other similar activities
  • Post content for the purpose of criminal activities or instigate criminal activities
  • Post inappropriate content, including indecent material
  • Engage in discrimination or activities that could promote discrimination
  • Post malicious computer software or instigate its usage
  • Falsify information obtained via this Account
  • Infringe rights of MP Gokyo Food & Chemical or third parties (including copyrights, trademark rights, reputation and privacy rights)
  • Interfere with the operation of this Account, cause disadvantage to any third party, including MP Gokyo Food & Chemical, or engage in activities potentially interfering with operation or causing disadvantage
  • Interfere with the use of or access to MP Gokyo Food & Chemical services, wholly or partly, by other Users
  • Engage in Spamming
  • Promote or advertise specific products, shops or companies for commercial purposes
  • Engage in behavior specified as inappropriate by individual companies operating SNS
  • Violate laws, ordinances, ethics, public order or morals or engage in activities that may potentially violate them
  • Engage in other activities deemed inappropriate by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical

6.Handling of intellectual property rights

  • The rights to all of the content posted in this Account by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical (including brandmarks, company logos, trademarks, images) belong to MP Gokyo Food & Chemical or the providers of the respective content and their intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights and knowhow) are protected by the respective laws governing intellectual property.
  • Users may not use any content provided via this Account beyond the scope permitted by the copyright law, such as reproduction for private use (including but not limited to reproduction, sale, publishing, public announcements). Also, its use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • While the copyrights and other rights for content posted by Users belong to the Users themselves, with its posting to this Account, it is viewed as non-confidential information for which rights are not reserved and considered that the User has given permission to MP Gokyo Food & Chemical for its non-exclusive use worldwide on a royalty-free basis (including but not limited to copying, adaptation, extraction, publication, translation) and that they have agreed that they will not exercise intellectual property rights, including copyrights and moral rights of authorship, against MP Gokyo Food & Chemical.

7.Handling of personal information

  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical is not obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information posted to this Account by Users.
  • MP Gokyo Food & Chemical considers that information posted by Users in this Account (including information from the User’s account) may be used for the following purposes:
    i) Improvement or examination of information posted via this Account by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical
    ii) Examination of the management of this Account and services provided by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical
  • If MP Gokyo Food & Chemical gains personal information from Users, it will be properly managed based on “Privacy Policy” on MP Gokyo Food & Chemical’s website.

8.Revision of Guidelines

MP Gokyo Food & Chemical may revise these Guidelines without the consent of Users. Revised Guidelines will be deemed to come into effect at the time that they are posted. It is considered that Users have agreed to the revisions and they will apply to Users thereafter.

9.Compensation for damage and injunctions

If Users violate these Guidelines, they will be held liable for providing compensation for any damage suffered by MP Gokyo Food & Chemical. MP Gokyo Food & Chemical reserves the right to seek injunctions against User activities that violate or attempt to violate these Guidelines.

10.Governing law, jurisdiction

These Guidelines are governed by Japanese law. If the need for litigation between the User and MP Gokyo Food & Chemical regarding the use of this Account or services associated with it arises, the Osaka District Court will be the exclusive consensus jurisdictional court of first instance.