Business & Product

Making full use of its R&D capabilities, the Company pursues development of more advanced products in terms of functions as well as safety.

The Company’s business started with supply of tannic acid and since then it has expanded into such five business areas as food ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, personal care products, coating and industrial materials and electronic materials. Business areas are so diversified, but there is core knowledge and technology working in common among them and such core has grown little by little to the present level with constant efforts. Our mission is to supply products which are more useful, safe and effective for daily life and support them in quality and technology.

Food IngredientsCreate “deliciousness” and “eater-friendness” by use of material technology

The Company has long been engaged in such business areas as “polysaccharide thickeners”, “seasonings” functional ingredients, and other food ingredients, supplying several original products particularly with a focus on polysaccharide thickeners and flavor enhancers which have been developed based on its own R&D capability and also under high technology, safety and reliability fostered as a pharmaceutical company. In addition, the Company has created some new products jointly with valued customers through active communications and also its own market research, and supplied added value which is something beyond framework of a mere “manufacturer”. Our strong point is that capabilities of research, development and marketing are well integrated, which makes it possible to provide our customers with various synergy effects.

Pharmaceutical ExcipientsImprove “easiness in drug administration”

MP Gokyo Food & Chemical supplies excipients which can support maxim pharmaceutical effects under strict safety management and strong trust relationship with suppliers domestic and international.

In pharmaceutical industry, new treatments are needed in many occasions with the advent of aging society and also as a result of change in lifestyle. Novel medicine manufacturers are required to discover new drugs urgently while generic medicine manufacturers are encouraged to expand their markets rapidly. Under such circumstances, MP Gokyo Food & Chemical supplies excipients which improve easiness in drug administration by use of particular coating materials and miniaturization by fully utilizing R&D and quality control capabilities and also with strong trustful relationship with domestic and international suppliers. In the business of excipients to tablets in particular, the Company is proud of its leading position in handling an immensely rich variety of products.

Personal Care ProductsAdd functionality to beauty creating products

Fusion of knowledge and technology cultivated in R&D and network with suppliers, relating to a variety of materials including synthetic polymers and natural gum.

Needs for finely-tuned functionality and high usability are growing in the field of increasingly diversified personal care products market. Accordingly required conditions for raw materials are changing rapidly. MP Gokyo Food & Chemical supplies raw materials meeting sophisticated product designs by taking advantage of its wealth of experience in this field and its own R&D capabilities. In addition, the Company’s own network has made it possible to supply what are really needed among a wide range of materials under quality assurance which meets the standards required for pharmaceuticals in cooperation with raw material suppliers. Our mission is not to provide mere products but to provide products supported by well-established quality assurance and well-prepared technical information.

Coatings and Industrial MaterialsSupply materials and equipment contributing to chemical technology.

By taking advantage of its expert knowledge accumulated based on abundant experience and achievements, MP Gokyo Food & Chemical provides total planning and idea development services covering marketing, product development and production line building.

“Coating” is chemical technology in pigments and surface treatments which enhances functions of products in daily life such as printed materials, fiber and plastics so that their “usability” can be improved. The Company supplies coating materials having excellent functions by mobilizing its long cultivated know-how of chemical technology. Moreover, the Company has established a network with various domestic and international manufacturers of materials in its long history of business in food materials and chemical materials, which makes it possible for the Company to supply a wide range of products capable of improving quality and productivity in customers’ production lines. What we do is not mere supply of products but supply of new value added in doing business with customers under trustful relationship with awareness of importance of a spirit of collaboration.

Electronic MaterialsSupply materials to draw fine circuit lines of semiconductors

For the purpose of enhancing performance of semiconductors and their miniaturization.
Supply of high quality chemicals for electronics industry which are manufactured by high level of synthesis and purification technologies.

MP Gokyo Food & Chemical supplies high quality electronic materials which are made by utilizing the Company’s advanced technology in synthesis and purification to satisfy needs from semiconductor manufacturers. Our highly reliable products are manufactured under the Company’s strict quality control standards which are similar to those of pharmaceutical industry. We further promote R&D and develop ideas meeting customers’ needs through close communication with their R&D groups and build trust and reputation as a dependable supplier in terms of technology and quality.