Personal Care

TAMAVISCO, Naturally derived from tamarind seeds

ORIGIN – Botanical Treasure

TAMAVISCO, Tamarindus Indica Seed Gum, is produced by separating and refining its polysaccharide component from seeds of Tamarindus Indica L. The tamarind pulps are essential to local foods in the distribution areas such as Southeast Asia and India, processed into pastes and condiments. MP Gokyo Food & Chemical shined a light on seeds that are by-products of fruit pulps and succeeded in creating a new value. TAMAVISCO contributes to Sustainable Beauty as an upcycled ingredient from 100% botanical source.

ORIGIN - Botanical Treasure

SAFETY – Perfect Fit to Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty is a growing movement in cosmetic industry. TAMAVISCO is a clean ingredient that totally fits into the demands of Clean Beauty. We are confident in its safety based on more than 50-years track records in global food industries. It is non-toxic, non- irritant for skin and eyes, a clearly simple ingredient with Single INCI and GMO free. TAMAVISCO can get green lights from consumers who put the highest priority on safety.

FUNCTIONS – Advanced Natural Polymer

Are you giving up formulating natural polymers because of unsatisfactory functions? Try TAMAVISCO, it delivers unique characteristics that traditional natural polymers do not have. Not only shows stable viscosity as a basic rheology modifier with luxurious texture, it thickens amino acid-based surfactants, which are usually difficult to become viscous by ionic polymers. Furthermore, when used together with polyols like glycerin, TAMAVISCO forms a fascinating elastic gel. The gel works as a thin film on the skin to keep moisture content. TAMAVISCO is an “advanced” natural polymer that can bring you fresh and new ideas.

  • Skincare lotion
  • unique gel

Personal Care Applications

  • Skincare Lotion, Milk, Serum and Cream
  • Gentle Body Wash, Shampoo
  • Premium Hair Mask, Treatment
  • Unique Gel Formulations
  • Skincare lotion
  • unique gel

Product for Personal Care



    Tamarindus Indica Seed Gum

  • CAS Number


  • Origin

    Vegetal (Tamarind Seed)

  • Properties

    Water soluble without heating, transparent solution

  • Key Benefits

    Stable viscosity, Compatible with various surfactants, Gel forming property, Rich and smooth texture, Moisturizing effect